06.03.2020 Pres-release

6 March, 2020

The Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission hosted investor consulting group meeting organized by the USAID Energy Program. Ms Maia Melikidze, Commissioner at GNERC, Mr. Giorgi Chikovani, Director of Georgian Energy Development Fund, Mr. Daniel Potash, Chief of Party of USAID Energy Program addressed the participants of the meeting. The representatives of the Commission’s Electricity Department, companies, business sector, financial and donor organizations attended the meeting.

The participants of the meeting discussed the Commission’s initiative about 1000 solar panel program in the framework of so-called “net-metering” regulation, as well as the US experience in this regard. The initiative encompasses development of micro generation and support of installation of solar panels on roofs of residential buildings. Mr. Zviad Gachechiladze made a presentation on the above-mentioned initiative.

Ms Maia Melikidze placed emphasis on importance of promoting development of renewable energy and state policy: “the aim of the meeting is the support provided by the government of Georgia and Commission in improvement of regulatory framework for development of renewable energy and increasing attractiveness of investors towards the sector. Such meetings enable us to discuss novelties and challenges related to the development of renewable energy sector. The Commission is working on increasing installed capacity from 100 kW to 500 kW of micro generation power plants involved in “net-metering” system that will enable the customers to generate increased amount of electricity for self-consumption and decrease the amount of electricity supplied to them from the distribution network”- stated the Commissioner.

“Net-metering” is a unique opportunity of utilization of renewable energy in residential environment introduced by the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission. Namely, a customer or group of customers can generate electricity for self-consumption from renewable energy sources – through utilization of wind, solar, water energy. He/she can use generated electricity for self-consumption and supply the excessive electricity to the relevant distribution network.

According to recent data, 158 subscribers are participating in the net-metering system. 70 micro generators are involved in distribution network of Telasi JSC and 88 micro generators are involved in the distribution network of EnergoPro Georgia JSC. Total installed capacity of all power plants connected to the distribution network is 2.1 MW.