16.10.2020 Release

16 October, 2020

A memorandum of cooperation has been signed between the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission and the National Food Agency of Georgia. The memorandum was signed by the Chairman of the Commission, Davit Narmania and Head of the National Food Agency, Zurab Chekurashvili. 

The memorandum aims at facilitating risk management in order to ensure state control of the drinking water providing companies envisaged under the Food Products/Animal Feed Safety, Veterinary and Plant Protection Code of Georgia and strengthening cooperation between the parties. 

The parties shall ensure exchange of the information with regards to the identified/possible violations throughout state control of the product safety. In the framework of such cooperation joint planning, review and analysis of the measures aiming to prevent violations in the food safety state control will be carried out. 

As Mr. Narmania mentioned, cooperation between these authorities will facilitate timely identification of the possible violations related to the drinking water in order to react promptly. 

“The cooperation that existed between the Commission and National Food Agency has been strengthened by the memorandum that is a really complimentary step. Involvement of the Agency in the process of verifying water quality is vital. In Georgia quality of potable water is checked on a daily basis and National Food Agency will double –check the quality that will greatly foster constant monitoring of drinking water quality and maintenance of its high quality.” – commented Davit Narmania. 

 “Within the State Program National Food Agency of Georgia continuously takes and analyzes water samples throughout the whole country, as well as actively cooperates with respective authorities in order to ensure proper responsive measures. Memorandum with GNETC will promote more active cooperation, exchange of information between the authorities and more efficient planning and implementation of water quality” – stated Zurab Chekurashvili.