15.04.2024 Release

Davit Narmania, the Chairman of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission, inaugurated a two-day international conference focusing on sustainable heating and energy efficiency. In his address, the Chairman of GNERC discussed the challenges of international cooperation in the energy sector, the significance of energy efficiency and sustainable heating, and underscored the importance of exchanging experiences among partner countries.

Davit Narmania highlighted that the energy sector has undergone significant changes, particularly in the implementation of European practices and standards.

"The Energy Training Center at GNERC has been given the opportunity to host a conference on sustainable heating and energy efficiency, in collaboration with the EU4Energy project. The conference provides an opportunity for participants to discuss energy efficiency issues, current trends, regulatory frameworks, and promote new approaches. Georgia pays great attention to improving energy efficiency. Increasing energy savings, ensuring the security of energy supply, and achieving energy independence are important. It’s also crucial to eliminate obstacles that hinder the improvement of energy efficiency in the energy market as much as possible.

The configuration of central heating systems plays a key role, with different countries adopting varying requirements and approaches based on their climatic conditions and specific policies. Heating systems are a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. With regulations that promote energy efficiency and the spread of renewable energy sources in the heating sector, it is possible to significantly reduce emissions. In addition, it is worth noting that through efficient heating systems, customers can save on energy bills.

It is the prerogative of regulatory bodies to implement effective measures in this direction. These measures include promoting the development of renewable energy, developing relevant standards, increasing transparency and consumer awareness, and monitoring the implementation of standards and regulations", said Davit Narmania.

The conference participants were addressed by: Nicholas Cendrowicz, the Head of the Development and Cooperation Department of the EU Delegation to Georgia; Mara Berzina, the General Secretary of the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER); Jubo Turashvili, the Head of the Department of Energy Policy and Investment Projects of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia; and Nugzar Beridze, the Director of the Energy Training Center at GNERC.