06.08.2020 Release

6 August, 2020

On its public hearing of August 6, 2020 Georgian National Energy and Water Supply regulatory Commission approved natural gas supply, distribution, wheeling and consumption tariffs for the Inter Gas LLC.

Regulated consumption tariff including VAT - 49. 297 Tetri/cubic meter;

Marginal supply tariff - 30.092 Tetri/cubic meter;

Distribution tariff -  9.790 Tetri/cubic meter;

The tariffs will be valid from September 1, 2020 until January 1, 2023.

Inter Gas LLC operates within the Akhaltsikhe Municipality.

Hereby, on the basis of the Commission’s decisions 19 settlements will be enabled to connect to the natural gas network for the fee and conditions set by the Commission. Those settlements include: villages of Kobuleti Municipality – Gvara, Kveda Kvirike, Chaisubani; villages of Lanchkhuti Municipality – Nigoeti and Chkhonagora; villages of Lagodekhi Municipality – Baisubani and Pataragori; village Chikhori of Terjola Municipality; villages of Vani municipality – Zeda Bzvani and Zeda Gora; villages of Bolnisi Municipality -  Akaurta and Disveli; villages of Kaspi Municipality – Metekhi, Gomi, Niabi, Zemo Chocheti, Akhalkalaki; village Kharajala of Telavi Municipality, Martvili Municipality – town of Martvili.

Public administrative proceedings for the purpose of issuing water supply license to Sagarejo LLC have commenced.

Public administrative proceedings for the purpose of approving Quality of Service Rules have commenced.