07.06.2019 Release

7 June, 2019


Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) has published the results of the Mystery Shopper Project. 10 utilities have been inspected in the framework of this project throughout Georgia. At the inspection stage the utilities’ activities have been inspected in terms of provision customers with the following services: new customer’s connection to the distribution network; increasing of capacity; request of personal data by the subscriber; inspection of technical quality of supply; sending of electronic bill and SMS; termination of supply due to the non-payment and restoration after payment; planned outages and hotline services.

General as well as company specific violations have been observed at the inspection stage. One month has been given to the companies to eliminate the violation discovered during research and determined by the report.

Within the framework of Mystery Shopper research the activities of Telasi JSC, Energo-Pro Georgia JSC, KaztransGaz-Tbilisi LLC, Socar Georgia Gas LLC, Sakorggaz JSC, Intergaz LLC, Georgian Water and Power LLC, United Water Supply Company of Georgia LLC, Rustavis Tskali LLc, Batumis Tskali LLC have been checked how they provided customers with the services and fulfill the requirements determined by the Commission.

The following general violations have been observed during the research: company’s refusal on registration of the customer’s application; remaining the application without response; deficiency in the electronically sent bill. Moreover, the companies didn’t ensure sending electronical bill via e-mail. Violations have been detected related to the termination/restoration of supply. Public information determined by the normative acts and decisions of the Commission was not published/available at the service centers.

As per the specific violations, requesting of connection fee in advance, determination of timeframe for connection incorrectly, termination/restoration of supply incorrectly, that are the violation of the regulation of the Commission have been observed at the certain companies.

One of the goals of the conducted research was to recheck the violations detected during previous researches. Violations have not been repeated based on the results of the inspection. Moreover, the efficient measures have been implemented for elimination the violations detected by the previous research not only by the inspected companies but also by other companies to which the research results and the Commission’s recommendations was sent.

Research was held by 4 Service G Sales LLC based on the contract concluded with GNERC according to the tender conditions.