07.10.2020 Release

7 October, 2020

Davit Narmania, the Chair of the Commission, made a speech at the Energy Security Conference, organized by the USAID Energy Program. In his statement he highlighted effectivity of regulatory norms in the energy sector and the role of the Commission for the energy security. Moreover, he expressed the gratitude to USAID Energy Program for the fruitful cooperation. The Chair of the GNERC reviewed short, medium and long term perspectives of the energy sector. According to Davit Narmania, 2020 is the first year for the energy sector reformation, that envisages total modernization of electricity market.

Furthermore, he stated that the Commission is actively working on the establishment of the basis of normative acts, that will promote liberalization of electricity market and strengthening of energy security. For this stage, the Commission has adopted Rules of Wholesale and Retail Electricity Markets, Unbundling Rules and other important regulatory norms. Normative acts adopted by the Commission completely envisages European directives. Until the end of the year elaboration and adoption of several important regulations are planned, that will establish solid basis for full functioning of new market model by 2021.

The conference of the USAID Energy Program was opened by Natia Turnava, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. Representatives of state structures, participants of the energy sector, representatives of the donor organizations and foreign experts participated the in conference.