09.06.2023 Release

9 June, 2023

Davit Narmania, the Chair of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC), visited recently rehabilitated amelioration infrastructure in Sagarejo. Along with the Chairman, Giorgi Pruidze, Commissioner of the GNERC, and representatives of the Water Supply Department got acquainted with the pilot project of the Water Users Organization. The project was implemented by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, with the support of the World Bank.

According to the GNERC’s Chairman, the establishment of Water Users Organizations is important for the development of the amelioration sector.

"Water Users Organizations will be an opportunity for farmers to use irrigation water continuously, reliably and optimally. Such organizations are one of the necessary parts of the modern regulation of the amelioration sector, as of the best experience of different countries. Hence, it is crucial for farmers in Georgia to prioritize the establishment of similar organizations. ", said Davit Narmania.

According to him, the GNERC is actively working on various rules and methodologies for the effective regulation of the amelioration sector.

"Currently, in the GNERC we are working on the methodology for determining the tariffs for the services provided by the primary water user, based on which the GNERC will set the tariffs for the amelioration sector at the end of this year. In addition, the water supply rules are being developed, which will regulate the water supply relations between the primary water user and the users of the irrigation system. This year, the standard conditions of the service contract to be signed by the primary water user with the Water Users Organization/other water users will be approved.," mentioned the Chairman.