10.11.2023 Release

10 November, 2023


Davit Narmania, Chairman of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission  (GNERC), presented a report on GNERC's activities at the session of the Sectoral Economy and Economic Policy Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, which was held within the framework of two-day event organized with the support of USAID. Davit Narmania gave a speech about the existing situation in the energy and water supply sectors and the implementation of the European Energy Package.

According to GNERC Chairman, the Regulatory Commission has adopted more than 30 normative acts, which represent the commitment taken by the membership to the Energy Community.

“GNERC is still actively working on normative acts, the purpose of which is to establish new regulations in the energy market and promote the process of market liberalization. A fundamentally sound legal framework for market opening has been prepared by GNERC, which has further improved participants' readiness indicators. The normative acts adopted by GNERC are important for creating proper conditions for the existence and development of effective competition in the energy market. It should be noted that one of the main functions of GNERC in the process of market liberalization is to monitor and supervise the energy market, to timely detect and eliminate limited actions, and the relevant rules have already been drafted", said Davit Narmania.  

At the two-day event organized with the support of USAID, David Songhulashvili, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Sectoral Economy and Economic Policy Committee, Romeo Mikautadze, the First Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Davit Narmania, the Chairman of GNERC, and Nikoloz Okreshidze, the Energy Sector Advisor of USAID/Georgia's Economic Growth Office, gave  welcome speeches. At the event, the state of fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and membership to the Energy Community, the draft of the Energy Independence Act prepared by the Sectoral Economy and Economic Policy Committee with the support of USAID have been discussed.  The purpose of the Energy Independence Act is to determine the main priorities and relevant target indicators in order to improve the country's energy independence and ensure security.