11.03.2020 Press-release

11 March, 2020

The Commission discussed issues foreseen in the agenda on hearing held on March 11, 2020.

The penalty in the amount of 5000 Gel was imposed on EnergoPro Georgia JSC  for violation of terms and conditions of the license. The injection of incorrect information and documentation in the Commission’s electronic ledger, as well as an improper implementation of connection works by the company led to the penalty.  Furthermore, the company was instructed to pay compensation to the concrete customer for violation of guaranteed standards.

The Commission has introduced electronic ledger-software that enables the Commission to monitor in real time the services rendered by regulated companies. The Commission verified certain information entered in the electronic ledger by EnergoPro Georgia JSC, namely about connection works of 31 sites/units to the network. The verification revealed that the information reflected in the electronic ledger about connection works on 19 sites/units was not correct. Furthermore, the norms of technical operation were violated in the process of connection. The company was given one-month period to solve the faults. JSC “EnergoPro Georgia” had entered incorrect information about connection of a new customer in the electronic ledger after expiration of one-month deadline. Moreover, different technical faults/violations were revealed in the network.

The Commission launched public administrative proceeding to define natural gas supply, distribution, pass-through and consumer tariffs for LLC “Kamari”, LLC “Mamedi”, LLC “Inter Gas”, LLC “Energia +”.

The tariff will be set for small natural gas distribution companies on the basis tariff methodology for the first time. The deadline for submission of proposals to the Commission is April 08, 2020, whereas the deadline for the decision for LLC “Mamedi” is August 14, 2020, for LLC “Energia +”and LLC “Kamari” – August 17, 2020 and for LLC “Inter Gas” – August 21, 2020.