15.06.2021 Release

15 June, 2021

A conference has been organized by GNERC on the status of the reforms in the electricity sector. Chairman of GNERC, Davit Narmania and Chairman of the Committee of Sectoral Economy and Economic Policy, Davit Songhulashvili have opened the event.

Novelties of the retail electricity market that will be in force from July 1 have been discussed in details throughout the conference. Hereby, changes at the wholesale electricity market have been brought to attention. 

 “Today, we have discussed status quo of the electricity market reform, we aim to keep society informed on every important issue to the maximum extent and in a timely manner. GNERC has complied with its obligations and has developed and adopted all the required normative acts that have fostered a set of new approaches and facilitated important steps forward.

From July 1 we will face a very important novelties, specifically, utility companies serving household consumers and small enterprises will change and those consumers will be served by the universal service providers nominated by the Government of Georgia. Instead of Telasi Tbilisi Electricity Supply Company (Telmico) will supply electricity to the population of Tbilisi, whereas EP Georgia Supply will serve the population in the regions instead of Energo-Pro Georgia. For consumers, let me emphasize that consumption tariffs will not change and only utility service companies are changing. When it comes to the wholesale market, we are in the active phase. Energy exchange will come into operation from January 2022” – mentioned Davit Narmania, Chairman of GNERC.

The conference was attended by other Commissioners of GNERC as well – Giorgi Pangani, Gocha Shonia and Maia Melikidze, representatives of governmental bodies, donor,  international and civil society organisations and experts of the field. Presentations were made by GNERC representatives - Salome Janelidze and Nikoloz Sumbadze, electricity supply and distribution companies, Georgian State Electrosystem, Electricity System Commercial Operator and General Director of Energy Exchange, Irina Milorava.