15.06.2023 Release

15 June, 2023


The Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission fined Rustavi Water LLC 40,000 GEL. The violation of GNERC's requirements and license conditions is the basis for fines.

As a result of the examination of applications for connection to the water supply system of new customers of "Rustavi Water"  in GNERC's electronic program, it was revealed that the company in several cases has violated the rules established by the Commission. In particular, the company did not include the fee for setting up the metering in the fee for connection to the water supply system, therefore the applicant had to pay for the purchase and installation of the meter individually.

In accordance with the "Water supply and consumption rules" approved by GNERC, the connection of a new user to the water supply system with a complete technological cycle is the obligation of the water supply company. According to the rules, it is not allowed for the applicant to perform any kind of work for the connection to the system.

According to GNERC's decision, “Rustavi Water” was subject to pay the imposed fine to the state budget. In addition, the company was given a warning that a double fine will be imposed if such violation will be committed again.