15.07.2021 Release

15 July, 2021

The Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission has fined 8 small gas distribution companies in favor of State Budget for non-compliance with the requirements of legal acts. A fine within the range of 500 to 50 000 GEL has been defined for each company that constituted 130 000 GEL in total. Hereby, 1-month timeframe has been defined for the companies to improve the faults.

The Commission has discussed results of the inspection of Gazmsheni LLC, Mamedi LLC, Gaztrans Service LLC, Chiraghdani LLC, Akriani 2006 LLC, Gama LLC, Energia + LLC and DVS LLC on its public hearing of July 15 that aimed at checking service process provided to the consumers by the company, maintenance of service quality standards and compliance with the Commission’s requirements.

Mostly similar types of violations have been observed in most cases. Specifically, after inspection and check of the submitted documentation it was identified that gas distribution companies have been improperly carrying out their duties related to gas distribution activities or not carrying out them at all. Hereby, some of the companies did not have a hotline, 24-hour emergency service, service for enrsuring connection to the network etc.

Mamedi LLC has been fined with 50 000 GEL operating in Khizilajlo village of Marneuli municipality. The company has been suppling natural gas for the tariffs set on its own that constituted 57 tetri per cubic meter instead of the tariffs set by the Commission in the amount of 47 tetri per cubic meters. Based on the Commission’s decision Mamedi LLC shall reimburse the excess amount paid to consumers. 

Based on the Commission’s decision in case of repeated breach the Commission will discuss the issue of revoking licenses issued to the companies