19.03.2021 Press release

19 March, 2021

For the purpose of rising awareness about energy and energy efficiency among schoolchildren Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission donated books to G.Kiknadze Tbilisi Public School N182. Particularly, the book includes a story about renewable energies, specially created for students, aiming better understanding of energy issues.

The Commission launched the project for schoolchildren, with the purpose of rising their awareness and making them familiar with the concept of energy efficiency, energy-saving, renewable energies and other energy related topics, moreover, to help them develop energy-saving patterns.

First stage of the project was implemented within the Twinning Project of the EU – Development of Incentive Based Regulation for Service Quality and Regulatory Strategy to Support Roll-out of Smart Metering in Georgia. The campaign encompassed production of a cartoon series with the famous Georgian cartoon character – Giraffe Jose, and a book on renewable energies. The campaign also envisaged delivering lectures on energy generation and its rational consumption, as well as positive impact on environment triggered by consumer behavioral change. Various thematic visibility and educational items, such as informative triplets about the origin of electricity, puzzles, coloring books, facemasks and bookmarks were distributed in the framework of the campaign.