19.04.2023 Release

19 April, 2023

A meeting was held within the framework of the Energy Club established by the initiative of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) and funded by the European Union with the support of the ongoing Twinning Project in the GNERC. The specific focus of the discussion among the participants was on the European future of the Georgian energy sector. Giorgi Pangani, Commissioner of the GNERC and the leader of the Twinning Project, addressed the guests at the meeting. He emphasized the importance and prospects of the Black Sea Submarine Cable. The meeting was attended by representatives of the energy sector of Georgia, donors, international organizations and experts in the field. 

“It is known that both in the European Union and in the region, the issue of connecting Georgia to the European network through the Black Sea submarine cable is being actively discussed. The European Union considers this to be one of the important projects for diversifying electricity sources and ensuring energy security, as a result of which it will be possible to integrate Georgia into the European Union's single electricity market. An ongoing technical-economic study, funded by the World Bank, is currently underway, and the results are expected to be released within the year. To ensure the successful implementation of the project, it is crucial to discuss both the opportunities and challenges associated with it. These discussions will play a significant role in facilitating the effective execution of the project.“- Giorgi Pangani announced. 

The Energy Club aims, on one hand, to support implementation of the energy investment-related projects in Georgia and, on the other hand, to further strengthen partnership between European and Georgian energy sectors. Georgian Energy Club will meet regularly and provide opportunity for the representatives of the energy sector as well as for the invited local and international guests to discuss existing challenges and the ways to overcome them.