23.08.2021 Release

23 August, 2021

The trilateral memorandum of cooperation has been signed between Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission, Energy Ombudsman and Legal Aid Service. The memorandum has been signed by the Chairman of the Commission, Mr. Davit Narmania, Director of the Legal Aid Service, Mr. Razhden Kuprashvili and Energy Ombudsman, Mrs. Salome Vardiashvili.

The memorandum aims at protecting consumers’ rights in electricity, natural gas and water supply sectors and providing information to the public. Based on the agreement between the parties, working groups will be created that will promote raising of the consumer knowledge of the citizens.

 Legal aid service will ensure legal consultation of the energy and water supply sector consumers, will assign a space within legal bureaus and consultation centers for the Energy Ombudsman and the Commission for consulting the consumers. On the other hand, the Commission and Energy Ombudsman’s Office will inform the Legal Aid Service about regulations and practices in the energy and water supply

The Commission has started active work in direction of information sharing and raising knowledge on energy and water supply issues of the consumers in regions. It is vital that the consumer is aware of his/her rights that will significantly decrease the facts of breaches and violations by the utility companies. According to the survey that we conducted the population in regions is less aware of their rights. They don’t know to whom to apply. Respectively, our informational activities in the regions are necessary, as well as the cooperation with various organizations. I assume that the cooperation within the framework of this memorandum will be quite fruitful” – stated Davit Narmania.