27.06.2023 Release

27 June, 2023


Davit Narmania, Chairman of GNERC, joins renewable energy event 'The Future is in Renewable Energy’. In his speech, Davit Narmania highlighted the crucial role of GNERC in renewable energy regulation, placing special emphasis on the net metering system. 

GNERC introduced the regulation of net metering in 2016. The regulatory framework is carefully aligned with the consumer's requirements and market principles.  The increasing adoption of renewable energies through net metering is a positive development. The significant increase in the total installed capacity of micro power plants connected to the system is a result of the effective and supportive regulations implemented by GNERC. According to the latest data, the total installed capacity of micro power plants involved in the net metering system exceeds 43 MW.

According to GNERC regulations, for their own consumption, a consumer or a group of consumers can generate electricity using renewable energies - solar, wind, water, including waste water, and sell the excess generated energy to the distribution network owner company. It is significant that net metering is not a business activity and the income from the sale of excess electricity is exempted from income tax," said Davit Narmania.

"The Future is in Renewable Energy" event, organized by solar design and installation company "Green Energy," aimed to enhance public awareness of renewable energies and facilitate discussions among energy sector representatives. Representatives of government organizations, energy companies, and industry experts engaged in the event.