Commission Hearing of 27.05.2020

27 May, 2020


The Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) has approved Licensing Rules and Rule on Notification about Energy Activity. The Rules define requirements for issuing license for electricity, natural gas and water supply activities, introducing amendments in the license, suspension of license, legal basis and procedure of license revocation.

The Rules consist of two parts: licensing rules and rules on notification about energy activity. The new regulation defines requirements for license seeker and licensee. According to the Rules companies that carry out energy activities, but do not need license in compliance with the legislation shall inform the Commission about that activity. These activities encompass: generation of electricity by micro generators, supply of electricity, natural gas and trading.

The Law of Georgia on Energy and Water Supply served as basis for approval of these Rules. Obligations undertaken by Georgia under the Association Agreement and Protocol on Accession of Georgia to the Energy Community Treaty are reflected in the Law of Georgia on Energy and Water Supply.