2 July, 2020


Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission has published new results of the Mystery Shopper survey, conducted in the utility companies. Within the survey, the process of compliance of services provided by utility companies operating in energy, natural gas and water supply sectors and implementation of the regulations defined by the Commission were inspected. According to the decision of the Commission, additional timeframe of 1 month has been determined for the purpose of making improvements. 

The survey was carried out by LLC “4 Service G Sales” based on the contract concluded with the Commission. The following services - the connection of a new customer to the network, increase of capacity, request of personal information by a customer, inspection of technical quality of supply, as well as content/receipt of electronic bill and text messages, termination and restoration of supply due to non-payment, planned outages and call-center services were inspected at 11 service centers of following utility companies JSC “Telasi”, JSC “Energo-Pro Georgia”, LLC “Tbilisi Energy”, LLC “Socar Georgia Gas”, JSC “SakOrgGas”, LLC “Intergas”, LLC “Telavgas”, LLC “Georgian Water and Power”, LLC “United Water Supply Company of Georgia”, LLC “Rustavi Water” and LLC “Batumi Water”. 

Within the framework of the survey common and individual types of violations were identified. Common type of violations included: unreasonable refusal of receiving applications by utility companies, violation of the terms of the registration and receiving applications, failure to fulfil obligations envisaged by electronic journal, violation of presenting date of electronic bill. Individual type of violations was connected with the call center and violation of service timeframes. 

The survey finished due to the novel Covid-19, before declaration of the state of emergency throughout the whole territory of Georgia, by Edict N1 of 21 March 2020 of the President of Georgia ‘On the Declaration of the State of Emergency Throughout the Whole Territory of Georgia'.