16 July, 2020

The First Deputy Director of the Electricity Department of the Commission, Mr. Zviad Gachechiladze has been elected as the Chairman of the Electricity Markets and Economic Regulation Committee for 2-year term.

The Chairman is obliged to develop Roadmap of the Committees for the upcoming two-year period, manage the working process and meetings of the Committee, foster development of the desired topics as well as represent the Committee at international fora and meetings.

According to the new strategy of ERRA the working bodies have been completely restructured and optimized in order to keep the track of the current challenges. Instead of previous standing committees the following has been established:

  1. Electricity Markets and Economic Regulation Committee;
  2. Renewable Energies Committee
  3. Electricity markets and Economic Regulation Committee
  4. Customer Protection Working Group.

Electricity Market and Economic Regulation Committee will focus on the following topics:

  • Development of the market competition- outcomes of deregulation and revocation of subsidies, impact of the competition on the end-consumer tariff;
  • Methods, economic models and methodologies for assessing efficiency of the regulated infrastructure;
  • Flexibility of the assessment mechanisms for the final customer and raising efficiency of the demand-side management;
  • Smart grids and smart meters and its impact on the price regulation;
  • Decentralization – distributed generation and the role of so called prosumers on the market. 

The Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) is an inter-institutional non-profit organization unified by the shared goal of its regulatory members to improve energy regulation and to make progress as stable, effective energy regulators with the necessary autonomy and authority to make positive change. Association was established in 1999 and currently encompasses 30 full member and 10 associated member over the Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission is the founding member of the association and actively participates in both its decision-making bodies (presidium) as well as in working groups and other events.