Deregulated (micro capacity) power plants

In compliance with article 493 of the Georgian Law on Electricity and Natural Gas, every power plant constructed after August 1, 2008, except for the thermal power plant that is determined under the legislation of Georgia as a firm capacity source, shall be deregulated.

According to the article 2 (z5) of the Georgian Law on Electricity and Natural Gas, the power plant is deregulated (micro capacity) if its project capacity does not exceed 13 mW. Herewith, the term - Deregulated also applies to the entity that owns and operates this power plant. Under the article 234 of the same law, micro generating power plant shall be authorized to sell electricity to the qualified enterprise as well as to the retail customer.

Deregulated power plants with project capacity not more than 13 mW shall be authorized to operate on the Georgian energy market without the license and the set tariffs of the Commission.