Renewable energy sources

Utilization of Renewable Energy

One of the priorities for future development of the energy sector of Georgia is utilization of hydro and other type of renewable resources with an ultimate goal to make efficient use of energy resources in the country, increase energy security and sustainability and to fully satisfy the demand on energy. This obviously requires upgrading of the legislative base and approximation to EU Directives.

Seeking alternative sources of renewable energy and their full utilization is extremely important if we consider the latest trends with regard demand and supply and economic and ecological situation.

On the basis of feasibility studies, Georgia’s total potential of wind resources is 1450 mW  with their average annual generation – 4,160 mln. kW. The potential of solar and geothermal resources shall also be mentioned. Utilization of these resources would enhance the energy security of the country and would reduce dependence on import.

After acceding to the Treaty establishing the Energy Community, Georgia made some steps forward for the development of alternative energy sources. The relevant state authorities and Georgian National Electricity and Water Supply Regulatory Commission are actively cooperating to successfully implement the reforms and develop the legislative base

The policy document approved by the Parliament of Georgia stipulates the main areas where public and private contribution is extremely important, particularly:

  • Utilization of renewable energy resources of Georgia to allow local and foreign investors make investments in creating additional capacities; consequently, this will reduce dependence on imported energy carriers and will enhance the energy security of the country
  • Transforming Georgia into the regional center for clean energy production and trade with such energy;
  • Development and implementation of a common energy efficiency approach. This direction would mean the correct management of energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption, including, implementation of energy efficiency programs that are critical for optimization of energy consumption in the country.  

Net metering in Georgia


Resolution of the Georgian Parliament approved on June 24, 2015 On the main areas of state policy in the energy sector of Georgia“

Georgian Law on Renewable Energy

National Action Plan on Renewable Energy.