Changes in Net metering

18 June, 2020


Installed capacity of renewable micro generation power plants has increased from 100 kW to 500 kW. This news applies to individual customers, as well as a group of customers that want to have their own source of renewable energy generation for household or non-household purposes. Decision of Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Commission will come into force from July, 1. 

Necessity of connection of a micro generation power plant to the site of electricity consumption has abolished. In case, a  customer and the micro generation power plant use the same network of a distribution company, electricity generation and consumption at different places became possible. 

According to the new regulations, in case  the micro generation power plant involved in the net metering system, supplies group of customers with electricity, a reversing or smart metering system will be installed for each customer. Each member of the group will be charged individually on the same day for consumed and generated kWh energy, generated and consumed electricity will be deducted, furthermore distribution company will purchase surplus electricity accumulated during the year. 

Using the micro generation power plant is not considered as a business activity. Moreover, micro generation power plants may not be owned by customer(s) and may be under their temporary ownership, based on the lease agreement, leasing or other forms. Small generation power plants with capacity under 500 kW can have the status of micro generation power plant. It is not allowed for the customer to qualify as the micro generation power plant and the small generation power plant at the same time. 

Nowadays, 173 customers are involved in the net metering system.