Utility Services at Public Service Hall

Consumers of the Electricity, Natural Gas and Water Supply Sector are able to submit applications related to utility services at the Public Service Hall except of the applications concerning connection to the network, temporary connections and capacity increase. Provision of timely response is monitored by GNERC and Public Service Hall in a real-time mode.

These services are extremely comfortable while purchasing or renting real estate, as the customers are able to request change of registered subscriber at the same time.

The following services are offered at the Public Service Hall (including community centers and mobile public service halls) for Electricity, Natural Gas and Water Supply Sector consumers:

  • Register as a subscriber;
  • Conclude the electricity supply contract;
  • Register information about their social status:
    • Retirees, persons registered in the uniform database of socially vulnerable families, as well as the persons receiving reintegration aid or have the status of being parents of many children according to Georgian legislation can register information at the Public Service Hall about their status and use respective benefits while paying electricity bill ( prohibition of disconnection of the electricity for non-payment before 16 or 22 of each month and prohibition of deposit requirement).
  • Obtain information regarding payment dues;
  • Request verification of billing:
    • Each citizen can request verification of billing for electricity, natural gas or water if the data about consumed cubic meter/kWh, tariff, period or any other information in the bill is incorrect. As a result the utility company provides a written explanation regarding billing or corrects incorrect information.
      • Regarding current billing (excess billing, billing for less amount, calculation on the basis of incorrect tariffs or regarding network tariff billing );
      • Deposit billing;
      • No billing.
  • Request personal historical data of consumption;
  • Onsite check of the supply quality in case of the following problems:
    • High voltage/pressure;
    • Low voltage/pressure;
    • Flicker;
    • Pressure variation;
    • Frequent interruptions;
    • Drinking water quality.
  • Request onsite meter check;
  • Request temporary disconnection/restoration of supply ;
  • Other services.
  • All applications can be submitted In 125 Branches of Public Service Hall ( Including 28 Public Service Halls, 89 Community Centers and 8 mobile Public Service Halls) except of the connection to the network, temporary connections and capacity increase.
  • If the utility company doesn’t provide timely and due reaction on the application submitted at the Public Service Hall, please apply Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission, e-mail: mail@gnerc.org. Application template: application.


Frequently Asked Questions

Services are available throughout whole territory of Georgia in 125 branches of Public Service Hall (28 Public Service Halls, 89 Community Centers and 8 mobile Public Service Halls). Information regarding address of the branches can be fount on following Link.

Customers of Telasi, Energo Pro Georgia, Tbilisi Energy, Sakorggas, EP Georgia Supply, Tbilisy Electricity Supply Company, Telavgas, Akriani 2006, Gama, Gasco +, Didi Dighomi, Energia +, Energokavshiri, Varketilair, Intergas, Sachkhere Gas, Kamari M, Georgian Water and Power, United Water Supply Company, Rustavi Water, Batumi Water, Marneuli Sopckali, Sackhere Tskalkanali, Kobuleti Water and Soguri LLC can benefit from the services at the Public Service Hall.

Simultaneously to purchasing or renting real estate the customers can receive any utility services except of the submission of the application on network services (new connection, temporary connection and capacity increase). Hereby, both permanent and temporary customers (subscribers) can receive such services.